The PTH Crusher is the worlds most advanced and durable tractor drawn rock crusher, with the capability of taking on the hardest rocks up to a diameter of 500mm and working to a depth of 300mm. 


Working in conjunction with the PTH Rippers the uses of this machine are endless from:
•	Road Maintenance/Construction
•	Road Demolition
•	Breaking in Ground
•	Eliminating Stony dry ridges
•	Improving building sites
•	Concrete demolition
•	Deep Ripping

Our PTH Crusher is mounted on a late model 360hp Fendt tractor.
The crusher works on the same theory as a rotary hoe, it has a large horizontally spinning drum covered with tungsten hammers. The drum rotates in reverse to the pull of the tractor so all material must pass through the machine. Therefore all material must be crushed to the size set by the ledger bar before it can pass out the back of the machine.
The PTH crusher will crush any stone up to 500mm down to a size of 30-100mm depending on requirement.
PTH Stone crushers have been widely used all over the world for road building and maintenance. They are used every day under the most difficult conditions.
The heavy-duty rippers used in combination with the crusher make easy work of loosening up existing roads. We use these on the front of the tractor for versatility although for larger areas they are put on the rear, or on another tractor. By ripping the existing road before crushing allows the crusher to work faster and at deeper depths up to 300mm, this gives a good thick base to your road.
The crushing method allows the existing material to be utilized rather than carting in excessive amounts of gravel.
In some areas there is a very limited amount of suitable gravel, thus meaning gravel would need to be run through a mobile crushing plant or screen. We can eliminate this costly process by spreading ordinary pit run on the roads and then crushing it down and mixing it in on the road itself.
Once the material is all crushed it will provide a much more stable base and will compact solidly with the use of a roller or compactor.

Forestry roads require a lot of maintenance and attention, although in some cases your fighting a continuous battle with just superficial grading. 
Due to the weathering effect most of the finer gavel and sand can be washed away exposing just the rock base, giving the graders very little to work with. 
Some of these roads especially on the west coast have corduroy base, in these areas ripping will not be possible but instead used in conjunction with a grader to loosen all the top material. By grading the edges of the road and all the larger rocks into the center will allow the crusher to run along the surface, crushing just the stone and gravel left in a row with one quick pass. 
This becomes far more efficient as the crusher will only have to do one run. The PTH Crusher has a working width of 2.5m, to fully crush a 3-4m wide road would require two runs.

Trials have been done with the crusher under Fulton Hogan in the Murchison area. The locals and contractors on the Matakitaki road are overwhelmed in the way the sharp bends have held down so far and prevented corrugations forming.

When reforming roads the conventional method of carting in more gravel and building up the road becomes very expensive, especially if a mobile crusher has to be brought in and set up. From the trails done with Fulton Hogan the overall cost of reforming areas was cut be 75% by using the crushing method

Many Dairy farmers have constant problems with lame cows in their herd. In some cases the number of lame cows in a herd can reach as high as 25% of the total herd this not only causes stress on the cow itself, but stress on the farmer as well.

The leading cause of lameness is rough, stony and uneven races, because most farmers don’t have easy access to fine good quality gravel for track maintenance.
The stone crusher eliminates the need for large amounts of gravel to be carted to the race, instead it utilizes what you already have. Crushing everything down to 50mm and smaller (or larger if required). Although the crushed rock product may seem sharp and dangerous for the cows, the stone shape and idea mixture of gravel the crushed stone compacts exceptionally well and holds down so the stone doesn’t lift.

A small amount of finishing work is still needed just a matter of some quick leveling or grading, as the crusher leaves channels as it’s pulled through the ground. 
Along with a good form of compaction from a heavy roller would prevent stones lifting up.
For your low cost option for re-graveling roads and races
Less than half the cost of Screening Gravel

This part of the business is currently suspended due to the driver being overseas. Please contact Brian for more information 0274310220. This is also available for purchase.