We run two Strautmann self-loading wagons and at times have run three. They are capable of harvesting approx 300 cubic meters  grass to ensile per hour, however this is dependent on paddock conditions, quantity of grass on the paddock and distance of cartage. We offer a silage additive (inoculant) if requested and will supply this at a cost. The additive aids in the ensiling process of the grass. The machines have knives which can cut the crop as short as 35mm.

We also offer various options for stack rolling with our JCB Loader or diggers.

Silage offers a cost effective alternative to baleage with less plastic waste although some people maintain the loss in the pit outweighs the cost of the baleage. A good floored pit will eliminate wastage along with a good cover.

The loader wagons have also been used as trailers during the maize harvesting. Following a harvester the maize is blown into the wagons. Trailers pulled by tractors offer a better alternative to trucks on sticky paddocks, but on long road carts the trucks are more viable.