Baleage is made using a McHale Fusion Baler - this baler bales grass and wraps all in the same machine eliminating the need for a second tractor and separate wrapper. The use of this type of machine means the farmer does not need to be around to collect the bales for wrapping. The farmer can then retrieve the bales at his leisure. This efficient machine is capable of harvesting grass for ensiling but also hay. It produces 4ft round bales / baleage. The baler is driven by a 160 hp Fendt tractor.  The 2nd baler is a Welger belt baler capable of bales from 2ft to 5ft. Ideally suited as a hay baler will also bale grass for ensiling. The use of this baler requires the services of a tube wrapper and larger numbers are recommended for this service. A tube wrapper is available. Both balers are equipped to administer silage inoculant into the bales. These machines are a well known brands of balers which ensures reliability. Both balers have the ability to cut the crop, so again offering the farmer a choice of cut grass or uncut grass.